quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Trying to come back

Hi everyone! it's embaressing how long me and my sister don't update the blog, i just feel like i should be hiding somewhere...
Well, i just stop by to leave here a photo that was taken on Moda Lisboa, which means, fashion week here in Lisbon. For the first time, somebody asked me and my sister if we mind to be photographed to appear on a blog, it completely catch me off guard. I turned red and i was praying that i don't look like a complete alien in the photo. So here is the link to the blog.  
Have you ever were being asked to be photographed to appear in a blog? It was awkward? Tell us your storys!

Kiss, Priscila

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  1. não sabiam que também tinham um "fashion" blog, temos de fazer uma sessões!!
    gostei muitooo